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Who to Follow?

13 Jun

Last week I wrote about how business owners can benefit from using a personal Twitter account as an information portal. Today’s post focuses on how to find people to follow.

Start by visiting the Who To Follow link and type favorite publications, current events of interest, celebrities or industry leaders into the search function. Here’s a snapshot of some of the returns for my search for New York Times. Simply click “follow” on those you find interesting and you’ll get their updates in your account feed.

Once you’ve started to follow a few accounts, Twitter will make recommendations based who you are currently following and your location. These can be found under “Suggestions.” “Interests” shows top Tweeters in specific categories. The “Find Friends” searches your email and other social media accounts for people you already know who are on Twitter.

At first it might seem odd to follow people you don’t know on Twitter, but that is the nature of Twitter. It is quite a compliment to be followed, especially by someone you don’t know. So don’t be shy and follow away!

I can be found on Twitter as@coachgirl20.




I don’t care what they had for breakfast

10 Jun

There is a common misconception that Twitter is a place for the narcissist to update their  every move; what they ate for breakfast, what TV show they are watching, where they are having dinner. While this type of Tweeter exists, they are the exception, not the rule. Twitter is now the quickest way to disseminate news and comment on topical issues.

Typically I don’t recommend Twitter as the first social media platform a small business engage with. The fast-paced environment requires interaction at a minimum of twice a day to be successful. However, there is great benefit for a small business owner to set up a personal account to follow key players in their industry for inspiration.

I follow social media strategists, PR strategists, brands, celebrities, news outlets and lifestyle publications, friends and colleagues. Their tweets  inspire topics for this blog, keep me updated on news and informed of trends that could be useful for clients. Twitter streamlines my information download so I don’t have to go visit a variety of sources each day.

Here is an example of what my Twitter feed look like (click to zoom in):

While you do not have to actively participate in Twitter in order to get a feed from your followers, you’re likely to get the bug to engage. As always, just remember that Twitter is completely public, so make sure what you Tweet is isn’t embarrassing or potentially damaging. Yes Rep. Weiner, I’m looking at you (sorry I couldn’t resist!).

Our next post will examine how to find people to follow. Stay tuned.



Survey Says

31 May

While studying for my PR degree (shout out to the University of Oregon J School), I learned the importance of research in any successful communications/marketing effort. Social media is no exception. With all of the social media tools available, it can be overwhelming deciding where to start. Research can help point you in the right direction and set you up for success.

Here are some ways to start the research:

  • Poll your customers: If you have an email database, include a quick poll asking about social media usage. You can also use a free tool like Survey Monkey.
  • Ask them: If a poll isn’t your speed, then ask at check-out or during an appointment. Something simple like this works well, “We’re considering becoming involved in social media. What sites do you currently use and where would you be most likely to interact with us?”
  • Are they already talking?: Search Facebook and Twitter to see if there is already chatter about your business. Are people checking-in on Foursquare? Use Google’s blog search to find out if you have any blog fans out there.
  • Think Niche: Facebook and Twitter certainly reach the masses, but be sure to research more targeted social tools where you might get a better ROI. For instance, a Facebook page may not be the best fit for a lawyer, but maintaining a profile and soliciting reviews on Avvo (a referral site for doctors and lawyers) probably will be.
Questions about what site might work best for you? Need advice on a finding a niche site? Ask me below.

It’s not Field of Dreams

25 May

If you build it, it they won’t necessarily come. Social media isn’t magic and setting up that Facebook page, blog or Twitter profile doesn’t mean you will immediately have followers, you have to actively promote your pages in order to drive engagement. Here are some tips to increase following of your social media properties.

  • Website integration: Integrate your page into your website so visitors can automatically Like the page, follow your blog, etc. Facebook has free and easy to use plugins and Twitter has a variety of widgets.
  • Email blast: Use your existing email database to announce that you have launched a Facebook page, blog, etc. Include a direct link to the page and briefly let contacts know why they should follow i.e. great tips, special offers, etc.
  • Email signatures: Include a link to your company’s social media property in email signatures of all employees.
  • Network: If you are a blogger, proactively comment on other blogs (be sure you are offering something of value and not just spamming to secure followings). On Twitter actively follow and tweet to others.
  • Coupons: People love deals and offering coupons or special offers is a sure way for others to spread the word about your page You can even require they “Like” the page in order to be eligible for the deals. There are apps for Facebook that can help with this.
  • Promotions and contests: Be sure you are adhering to Facebook’s guidelines, but offering a contest or sweepstakes will encourage others to spread the word to their networks. You will need to use a third-party app such as Wildfire. Contests on blogs and Twitter don’t have guidelines, just make sure you adhere to local laws.
  • In-store promotion: If you have a physical location, incorporate point of purchase or window signage encouraging customers to Like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, etc.

Share in the comments how you have promoted your social media page.