Negative Nellies-Facebook

8 Jun

It’s bound to happen. You set up a Facebook page and are getting great feedback. Then it happens; the negative post. For the most part, the negative post is probably dissatisfaction with a product or service. In some instances the comment may include profanity or unnecessarily disparage an employee or even the customer base. Your first instinct might be to delete the post, but I never recommend this. For the most part negative posts can be used as an opportunity. The purpose of social media is to have a two-way dialogue, so you will end up harming yourself more in the end by deleting the negative post in most instances.

For some businesses there is a real concern about profanity being included in posts. Also some businesses (although I see this more with nonprofits) are subject to some controversy due to the populations/services they provide. In this case, it’s a good idea to set some basic ground rules noting that certain types of posts will be deleted (if “Likes” are warned beforehand post deletion acceptable). Such ground rules could include not using profanity or making derogatory comments against patrons and employees. These can be outlined using the Notes app in Facebook.

Remember, there is a difference between derogatory and negative. Someone saying they experienced horrible customer service is feedback. Someone commenting that an employee is ugly would be derogatory. As a general rule, negative comments that do not pertain to the job would be derogatory.

Brainstorm potentially negative feedback and have a response prepared. Most often you’ll want to encourage the dialogue offline. A response like “We’re sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact us at 123-456-7891 to discuss further,” will be sufficient in most instances.

Sometimes complaints are more specific. Let’s say, “They ran out of the mashed potatoes,” is posted.  A response such as this would be appropriate, “We experienced a very high demand recently on our mashed potatoes and as such have adjusted the quantities we prepare. Please message us your email. We are sorry for the inconvenience and would like to send you a gift certificate. We hope to see you again soon. ” You want to recognize the situation, explain how it was or is being addressed and end on a positive note (with an incentive if possible/appropriate).

Have a question about how to address a comment? Ask me below.





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